excerpted from Harris County Precinct 7 website.

Thanks to Triple V, Precinct 7 Trailer has Eyes Watching from Every Side

By Pamela Greenwood


Thanks to the kindness and generosity of others, Precinct 7 is better equipped to serve and protect the community. Recently, the owner, Cathy Vaughn, of Triple V, Inc and mother of Precinct 7 Deputies Tim and David Vaughn decided that she too wanted to do something for the precinct.

Since Mrs. Vaughn’s business specializes in the installation of   security systems she contacted SGI, one of her distributers, about providing security monitors and equipment for Precinct 7’s Command Trailer and they referred her to Samsung.  Without hesitation, Samsung donated four cameras and a DVR; Mrs. Vaughn gladly supplied the labor.  Mrs. Vaughn stated, “Installation was completed October 30th, my son Tim helped.”  She continued, “The cost for everything would have been approximately $12,000.00, if not more.”


According to Precinct 7’s Fleet Manager, Captain Monroe Wilkerson, the cameras will be used to monitor the perimeter of the Command Trailer during deployment, affording personnel working inside the ability to see situations occurring outside the trailer from every side.